Customizable children's books featuring families of color

Customize your book by choosing the race and/or ethnicity of the main characters that most reflect your own family, loved ones or community.


A great gift for multiracial families and families of all colors. 

Build a Loving Lion Book that ROARS with Love

Customize your book by choosing the race and/or ethnicity of the main characters, from a pre-drawn menu.

The stories stay the same and show families of color doing wonderful, everyday things.

Choose the characters that most reflect your family

Preview the Story

A warm, stunningly illustrated story that depicts the magic and fun of a large family meal. 

Choose the Main Characters

Choose the four main characters that most reflect your family.


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Send your customized books to your favorite Little Lions! Ships within 3 weeks of order. 

Love Family 

by Norah Cooper & Joelle Nelson

“Love Family” is our first book. It tells a warm tale of a young girl and her cousins and the wait for a big family meal. The sweet story and stunning illustrations communicate the magic of family love.

Hardcover - Children's Picture Book

$28.00 + Shipping

Choose the Main Characters

You choose which pre-illustrated main characters most reflect your family. The supporting characters are pre-drawn and multiracial. 

Diversity in Children’s Books

Loving Lion Books seeks to address the lack of diversity in children’s books.

We are parents who were surprised and disappointed to see how few children's books feature children and families of color. We want our children and all children to see themselves, their loved ones, and the beautiful diverse world in the books they read. 


To do this we created books that allow families to choose characters that most reflect their family or their world. Our illustrations aren't exact matches to our customers, but rather, are more representational. Your child's library will be filled with characters that look like the people they see every day.  


“Love Family” is our first book. It features characters of color throwing an everyday celebration with a big family meal. The story captures the love and fun that goes with it. 


“Love Family” is just the beginning. Loving Lion Books will create more books, including those that feature children of all religions and different family structures. 


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