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The Naming of Loving Lion Books

We named the company Loving Lion Books to honor Lion, the best childhood friend of Randolph, one of our founders

Randolph grew up in Liberia, a small but mighty country in West Africa. He lived with his family in a lovely home that was attached to the preschool his mother ran. The school was known around Liberia and was always bustling with children. Randolph loved always having friends and school toys to play with.

More than anything, Randolph loved his 13 dogs who lived in their yard. There was a tall white fence around the yard with lots of holes. The dogs used to slip out and follow Randolph around town. When he was home, Randolph spent many hours reading and playing with his dogs under a mango tree in their yard.

His dearest friend of all was Lion, the pack leader. He was not the biggest dog, but all the other dogs knew he was the most wily and bravest of the pack. He was a fierce protector of Randolph, and his constant companion - he only left his side when Randolph was in school.

When Randolph was just 13 years old, his home was surrounded by fighting due to a brutal civil war. Randolph’s beloved dogs protected his home and ensured Randolph and his family were safe from harm. Their protection allowed the family to flee the home as safely as possible. Lion, the leader, organized the dogs in protecting the yard, the family, and Randolph.

In naming our company Loving Lion Books we hope to honor Lion’s mighty strength, intelligence, and his loving loyalty. We want these books to demonstrate a deep and abiding love for family and precious children, just as Lion did.

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