The Future of Loving Lion Books

Story Subitle

Our beginning and where we plan to go from here.

Our first book, "Love Family," is a customizable book that allows the customer to choose the ethnic look of the four main characters. The secondary characters, aunts, uncles and cousins, are pre-drawn and are all different shades and ethnicities.

"Love Family" is a story for children ages 0-5. It celebrates an extended and loving family. To create it, Joelle illustrated 256 combinations of stories! Yet we know that’s not nearly enough to represent the beautiful world we live in today.

To ensure all children see themselves and their families in stories we will, over time, add same-sex parents and single parents and women and girls who wear hijabs or chunnis, men who wear turbans and boys who wear patkas, as well as men and boys who wear kippahs. We will expand our books to older readers as well.

We will never go around the problem of lack of diversity in children’s literature - we will always work to address the issue head on.

We encourage all parents to read to their kids and highlight the beauty of people of all skin colors and families to ensure that their little ones internalize and revel in our wonderful, diverse world. 

We know representation in literature and media is critical for kids of all ages and Loving Lion Books seeks to create books that celebrate all kids and their families. 

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