About Us

Our company was lovingly imagined and designed by parents who believe in the magic and power of books.  

Our Story

We are parents who have always been nuts about books. We spend a lot of time researching and finding great books to read to our children. We are proud to be raising children who love books too. 

We know representation matters. We know children need to see people who look like them and their loved ones doing everyday wonderful things. We know the books our children treasure are central in their understanding of the world and of themselves in that world.

We know, too, that children need to see characters who don't look like them, especially people of color, to help block unhealthy racial bias. 

We are disappointed in how few children's books feature characters of color. We want our children, and all children, to see themselves, their families, their friends and the beautiful diverse world in the books they read.  

So, we have put our collective talents together to create books that feature children and families of all colors. They are books our kids love reading and ones we enjoy reading to them night after night after night! 

We created Loving Lion Books to wrap kids in love and in the knowledge that their world is normal and beautiful. We want all children to see themselves as they are - the heroes of their own story.


Our Name

We named our publishing company Loving Lion Books to honor very different heros.

First, we used the name Loving to celebrate Richard and Mildrad Loving, whose love ended the ban on interacial marriage in the United States.

The Lovings showed, over and over again, that love conquers hate. Their bravery in fighting for love while being jailed, removed from family and in fighting for their love all the way to the Supreme Court is astonshing.

We hope to celebrate that love by showing families of all colors and makeups as they are - beautiful. 


The word Lion honors the the best childhood friend of Randolph, one of our founders. Lion was the pack leader of Randolph's 13 dogs at his childhood home in Liberia, a small, green and flowery country in West Africa. Lion was Randolph's constant companion and protector. 

As a teenager a civil war forced Randolph and his family to flee Liberia and become refugees in Ghana. Lion protected their home and ensured that Randolph and his family were safe from harm before and as they fled.

We feel Lion Books honors Lion’s mighty strength, intelligence and his loving loyalty. We want these books to demonstrate a deep abiding love for family, just as he did.

Who We Are

Norah is the author of "Love Family." She has written for children’s magazines and has worked in education focused non-profits and in corporate philanthropy focused on literacy. 

Joelle is the illustrator of "Love Family." Joelle has illustrated and designed thousands of pieces of art and loves creating illustrations that bring happiness.

Randolph is the technology and business guru of Loving Lion Books. He loves creating smooth customer experiences and wants our online business to reflect the beauty of our books.

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