World Cup Activities For The Whole Family

Every four years the world gets a little closer, and a little more competitive, as we watch the World Cup with pride and sometimes, anguish.

The World Cup offers all kinds of fun for little lions. It’s a great way to learn about other countries and cultures and the game of soccer.

If you are new to the World Cup or a long time watcher read below for some fun ways for your family to celebrate this most beautiful international game:


The Countries of the World 101

Read through the countries that are in the World Cup, and find each one on a globe or map.

Choose the 2-3 teams each family member wants to root for in the Cup.

Learn about your countries by getting books at the library or reading on the internet.

Great things to learn:

Print out a schedule of matches and track the winners as a family, learning more about the countries as you go along.

Play Family Soccer 

Soccer is a beautiful, fluid sport and your little lions will love playing it with you. Here are a couple quick games to try during the world cup:

Game 1: World Cup 1 on 1

Pick a country that each family member represents. Set up your goals and find a good spot for a kicker to shoot against a goalie.

Choose kickers by oldest to youngest. Players will take equal turns being the goalie and kickers. The player with the most goals wins!

Game 2: World Cup 2 on 2

Look up the World Cup games playing the day of your home game and choose a match you want your family to play.

Form 2 teams and assign each team one of the countries of your chosen match.

Play soccer! See if your home game predicts the actual match scores and winners!

Eat Your Way Through The World (Cup)

Read through the matches of the upcoming week with your little lions and pick the ones you want to watch.

Review recipes online that are popular in your chosen countries and make them (or buy them at a local restaurant). Eat and watch!

Have a Ball

In our humble opinion, the World Cup is meant to be watched in a group, with lots of food, and festivities. Plus, kids love a party.

Invite your extended family, friends, neighbors over for a match you're particularly excited about and have a grand time.

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